A Summer Day at the Beach

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Many people head to the beach and participate in a variety of water sports. Others like to take a family trip to one of the country’s beautiful national parks and explore the breathtaking landscape. The amount of activities to partake in during the summer months is endless. Individuals seem to come out of hibernation and take advantage of all the fun things to do within the Houston area.

Imagine that you have taken a road trip and you are spending a day at one of the Texas beaches. The sun is shining, the water is crystal clear, and you have a cool drink in your hand. You feel as if you do not have a care in the world. You and your friend decide to go jet skiing and enjoy the wonders of the ocean. As you cruise along the rippling waves, the wind blows through your hair and the sea water splashes in your face. You have some experience driving a jet ski, so you feel comfortable traveling at a fairly high speed and making sharp turns.

However, as soon as you begin to make a hairpin turn, you lose control of the machine and fall into the water. As your face hits the surface, your body suddenly contorts and you quickly realize that you are turning in an uncomfortable manner. As you float along, you notice that you have a searing pain in your lower back. There is a burning sensation that does not seem to subside and you begin to feel nervous.

Your friend drives toward your bobbing head and manages to pull you onto the back of his jet ski. As you rush to the ocean shore, you immediately walk to the car and head toward the nearest hospital. You know that your injury is not life-threatening, but it is clear that something is amiss. The doctor finally comes to the conclusion that you have sprained your lower back and you will experience some discomfort for the next few weeks.

Although you are happy to have a diagnosis, your attention rapidly turns to your medical bill. You hope that your trip to the hospital will not leave a substantial crater in your bank account. You are not in the most financially stable state and your savings account is virtually nonexistent. A type of financial emergency such as this can be frightening.

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