Work Hard, Play Harder

Lately, you have been working extremely hard and have reached a breaking point. You are suffering from burnout and have noticed that your productivity at work has declined. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, you have been constantly daydreaming and cannot maintain your focus. The quality of your work has been slipping and you are certain that your boss has noticed. You fear the worse when he suddenly calls you into his office for an unexpected meeting. You are afraid that you are about to lose your job.

As you take your seat across from him, your palms are sweaty and your knees are shaking. You are prepared to provide a long explanation as to why your work has been less than stellar for the past few weeks. You have planned to tell him how the stresses in your personal life have been negatively affecting your attitude at work. However, as your boss begins to speak, you are shocked at what he says. He explains that he has noticed a decrease in your productivity level and he understands that you are dealing with a lot of issues at home. He does not want to lose a good worker, so he suggests that you take a week off and go on a vacation.

This was the last thing that you had expected, so you are not quite sure how to respond. You thank your boss for noticing your struggles and you agree that taking a vacation may be the perfect remedy. As you leave his office, you are silently wondering how you will afford a last-minute getaway. You have been struggling to make ends meet. This has contributed to your decline in work. You know you should get away from it all, but how will you afford it?

You decide to go somewhere fairly close in order to avoid an expensive airfare. Galveston, Texas seems like the perfect coastal destination and it is not too far from home. The beaches and relaxing vibe are calling your name. You also decide to rely on Houston Car Title Loans for your financing needs. You can use your title as collateral and receive the money that you need within hours. This can all be completed without the need for a credit check.

You are thankful to your boss for realizing your struggles and giving you the opportunity to relax in paradise. You are also thankful for a title loan. This financing option helped you afford such an unexpected period of respite.