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Sail Away Today

Sailing is one of the most exciting past-times around. The thrill of the waves crashing against the hull of a ship can liven up the stiffest of souls. Many people have never enjoyed a trip out on the open sea or on one of our amazing great lakes. If you are one of those people you should really hurry up and get out on the open water. Planning making a trip out on the water soon here are some tips you should follow to have the safest and most fun trip you can. Continue reading “Sail Away Today” »

Buying An Airfare

“I got a call from my Mother a few weeks ago that she was really sick, and she needed someone to take care of her. “Sure”, I said, “No problem. Except that she lives on the other side of the country!” There was no way I could say no to her, but I really couldn’t afford the airfare and travel money to get out there. Times are rough and with my bills stacking up to the ceiling, there was no way I could afford this. I couldn’t tell her that, of course. It’s my Mom, I would have to find a way. Continue reading “Buying An Airfare” »

College Text Books Are Expensive

I’m attending Houston University and needed money for my books. I didn’t want to ask my parents again for money. Instead, my roommate told me aboutcar title loans So I called them. Not only did they give me a loan in about fifteen minutes but they gave me a discount for being a student. Now I can spend time studying instead of worrying about how I was going to get my books. I can’t say how much that helped me out it was a deal like no other its was fantastic. They didn’t waste time they got me what I needed and I on my way to class fully supplied,over Supplied really. I was so happy about this i had to tell everyone I could on campus. It is now three days later and six of my friends have gotten themselves one or two. In Florence this has to be the best loan that I received yet. I have tried others and none are better. I know you will find what your looking for if you choose to use theses guys. They are more than worth it; all my friends had different needs and they find a way to OVER-help every single one of them. They told their friends and so fourth it turns out them all loved the customer service. They seem to be the most friendly helpers I’ve met since my grandmother’s nurse. They are greatly appreciated if it wasn’t for them I’d be behind on y studies. Unfortunately I’m not and that’s a good thing.

Married an Engineer!

“I married an engineer. He’s kind of a nerd, but he’s not bad to look at and a good provider. And, I can manipulate him. I needed to distract him one day, so I threw in front of him an equation I read in the paper: 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 Continue reading “Married an Engineer!” »

Houston Car Title Loans’ Trick

I have successfully been in AA for four years and am very happy to talk about it. But it’s funny how people in my meetings come from all walks of life. And sometimes there’s a little tension because of it. We have this one guy from the western side of Houston in the new subdivisions, and the way that guy talks it’s like his problems are bigger than everyone elses’. I just blurted out one day that I guess my inferiority complex is not as good as yours. Continue reading “Houston Car Title Loans’ Trick” »

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