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Get a little extra cash this Holiday Season!

Welcome from the customer service reps at Houston Car Title Loans!

The Holiday season means gift-giving, but the economy lately has been really tough on our family. My wife suggested looking into car title loans as an option to get money to pay our bills. After visiting lenders and seeing various interest rates, what we found out is in the city of Houston, the typical interest rate varies between 15-30% monthly, and we figured to just forget it and not bother because the pay back amount was going to be insane, until we found one more lender after going to the very last website, Car Title Loans.

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Finding the best interest rates for a title loan in Houston

Hey ya’ll, just wanted to share the a bit of info about how to get the lowest car title loan rate in Houston! I found that Houston offers the lowest rate in Texas for a car title loan. Their rate is an astonishing 8.123%.. In fact many people have chosen to refinance their current car title loan for a lower rate. I mean it makes total sense! All someone has to do is vist Houston Car Title Loans and fill out a quick application on their site to see how much cash they can borrow on the title of their car. It’s convenient and it’s a great way to come into some extra money for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Get a car title loan in Houston with bad credit or no credit!

Thank you for taking the time to read our new blog! We are the best auto title loan company in the Lone Star state! In this blog post, we will show you why we are your best option for your car title loan, and how to get a title loan on your vehicle. Continue reading “Get a car title loan in Houston with bad credit or no credit!” »

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