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Granny Needs a Car Title Loan

I have been living in Houston for roughly four years now. I moved here a couple of months after getting out of the army. Since then, I have started to make a real home for myself in Houston.

I have job working as an engineer with a local company. I have even met a group of really good friends and enjoy hanging out with them as much as possible.
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Covering Cooling Costs with a Title Loan

If you have lived in Houston long, you know we don’t have much of a spring before the sizzling heat of summer arrives. With soaring temperatures comes many heat related expenses. You may find yourself in a financial bind paying for such expenses but you can help yourself out with Houston Car Title Loans.
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Houston After the Divorce

I have recently gone through a bitter divorce. My marriage lasted for eight long years before it dissolved and became today’s pitiful arrangement. I suppose that my ex-wife and I felt that we had both suffered enough. Somewhere along the line in our relationship we stopped being a couple.
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Car Title Loans Can Get you Through a Medical Emergency

A common belief is that emergencies are more likely to strike when someone is broke. But in reality it’s the emergency that makes you broke. For this reason, many people try their best to at least, set some money aside, in the event that something goes wrong. However, the economic recession that was experienced in the past few years has put considerable financial strain on many family budgets, and led to the depletion of savings. To make matters worse, the rising cost of healthcare has made it impossible for many families to afford health insurance. If faced with similar challenges, consider applying for Houston Car Title Loans.
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Big Fat Expensive Problems

Because I’m a man, my girlfriend doesn’t have to ask me if I liked the movie. Chances are, if she’s crying at the end of it, I didn’t. The recent exception was Marley and Me. So from here on in we only go to dog movies.
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